Special Promotions

Special Promotions



Tropic Fundraising for the Holy Cross Church


During the lockdown period you might be finding it difficult to purchase skincare, body care and cosmetics.  I am offering you an opportunity to purchase these products through me and have them delivered directly to your door free of charge.  Your order will not only help to support the Holy Cross Church but will also help fund school provision for children living in the world’s poorest communities in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal.


For every order over £30 that is placed with me I will donate £2.50 to the church.  For every order over £50 I will donate £5.00.  In addition, for every £50 spent by customers Tropic makes a donation to United World Schools.


Tropic products:

         include an extensive range of skincare, body care, cosmetics as well as mineral sunscreens.

         have won numerous awards

         are freshly made to order

         are 100% Natural & gluten free

         are vegan friendly

         are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly

         are cruelty free

         benefit from to a 90 day money back guarantee

         offer free delivery until 1st July 2020


Click on the following link (or copy and paste it into your browser) to view the Tropic digital catalogue: 



To place your order email me at bettinabenski@hotmail.co.uk or alternatively ring me on 07890655089.