By the 1890’s the church was well established and Fr. Macdonnell was able to concentrate on establishing a congregation in proportion to the growth of the township. We are told that Fr. Macdonnell was ‘a short, stout, good-natured man, jovial and sincere,’ eager to promote firm friendship with everyone—Catholic or not—no small task since a great deal of bigotry existedtowards the ‘Roman’ faith.

The First World War of 1914-1918 is not dwelt upon in parish records but we do know that Hucknall parish was one of the first to receive Belgian refugees and be responsible for their keep. As a memorial to men of the parish who lost their lives in the Great War, a new marble altar and rails were given by the congregation. The beautiful altar can be seen in the Lady Chapel of the present church but whatever happened to the matching altar rails ?

The subject of the second world war is hardly touched on and the archives fail to reveal how the parish coped during those years but 1939 marked the diamond jubilee of the parish and special services were held. The Bishop visited and during one ceremony Mr. & Mrs Edward Dixon , the choir master and his wife, were introduced to him. It was their golden jubilee.