The population of Hucknall began to rise, as did the number of Catholics and it soon became obvious that the small room could no longer accommodate such numbers; the establishment of a permanent church was inevitable, but how would sufficient money be raised? Well, God works in mysterious ways and in 1885 a wealthy couple, Mr. & Mrs. James Hanlon, moved to Hucknall and thanks to their generosity, Bishop Bagshawe blessed and laid the foundation stone of Holy Cross Church, Carlingford Road, one year later. Approximately £1,500 was spent on the building of the church, £1,000 donated by the Hanlons and the remaining £500 from Major Worsley-Worswick. A presbytery was built at the same time, the necessary £300 loaned by the Hanlons. On May 3rd 1887, the church was opened.