More questions about Baptism

From a Roman Catholic point of view, God's family meets regularly at Sunday Mass.


If neither parent is making any effort to share God's Family Life on Sundays, it makes no sense to ask for the child to be baptised as a member of that Family Life.


Baptism, like a Wedding Service, is simply a beginning  -  a very important beginning, but still just a beginning. A marriage would have no real meaning if the couple scarcely knew each other before the Wedding Service and went their separate ways afterwards.


Baptism has little meaning if the parents have not been sharing the Family Life of the Church before it takes place and have no obvious intention of sharing that life after Baptism.


Baptism will never be refused, but it may be thought better to delay it so that the parents have time to think about what Baptism means and to show that they seriously wish to be practising members of the Catholic Church.


At Baptism the parents solemnly promise to bring up their child as a member of the Church. It would not be right to allow that promise to be made, if to all appearances it would not be fulfilled.


So, let's be honest about Baptism.
It's a commitment to a way of life. NOT a one-off event!
Baptism is simply the beginning of our life of faith.
Are YOU ready to grow in the faith and share that faith with your child?